PR Hungary MOA 13NOV19

To augment its response capabilities, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), through the Office of Civil Defense (OCD), signed today a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with the Hungarian Water Technology Corporation (HWTC), Ltd. to implement a joint project titled “Delivery of a mobile water treatment compact unit to supply drinking water to the population during emergency situations and natural disasters in the Philippines.”

The signed agreement stipulates that the HWTC will deliver one (1) mobile water treatment compact unit to the NDRRMC free-of-charge and will provide training to OCD-NDRRMC personnel on its proper use.

Undersecretary Ricardo B. Jalad signed the agreement in behalf of the NDRRMC, while HWTC’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Adrián Kiss, signed it for the HWTC. Also gracing the signing ceremony were His Excellency Dr. Jozsef Bencze, Ambassador of Hungary to the Philippines, and Vice Consul Gábor Lehocz of the Hungarian Embassy.

DILG Undersecretary for Peace and Order - Bernardo Florece Jr.; DFA Executive Director for European Affairs - Elizabeth Te, DTI Director for Infrastructure Services -Angelica Arcellana, DSWD Director for Disaster Response Management Bureau – Rodolfo Encabo, and Engr. Alberto Mendoza of HEMB-DOH were also present at the event.

Undersecretary Jalad remarked that this equipment will augment the existing water filtration units of the NDRRMC which are being utilized during disaster relief operations. He further expressed gratitude for the generosity of the HWTC and the support of the Hungarian government to implement this project at no cost to the Philippine government. “This state-of-the-art water treatment unit will further ensure that safe and clean water could be provided to the affected population in times of emergencies,” said Undersecretary Jalad.

In his message during his video presentation, HWTC CEO Adrian Kiss mentioned that the unit will be shipped from Hungary in mid-February 2020, and expects its commissioning, test operation, and official inauguration in the Philippines by April 2020. “What makes this equipment special is that it can treat surface water from rivers, lakes, underground, brackish, and sea water, and that it can produce 2.5-6.5 cubic meters of clean water per hour,” said Mr. Kiss. He added that this technology has already been tested and that its greatest advantage lies in its compact size and mobility features. “It is mounted on pallets instead of a 20- or 40- feet container and is compact enough that it can be transported to any part of the country when needed,” he said.

H.E. Ambassador Benzce mentioned that the equipment, which is worth approximately US $ 200,000.00 (or Php 10,000,000.00), is a donation to the NDRRMC by the HWTC and will be delivered to the country free-of-charge. HWTC will also provide trainings for the proper handling and operation of the equipment.

The HWTC is a private company in Hungary that offers a wide range of solutions for water treatment plants for industrial and municipal purposes, as well as for sewage treatment plants for the treatment of waste water. HWTC successfully applied for a grant from the Hungarian Ministry of Innovation and Technology within the framework of the “Bilateral Climate Financing” programme to finance this particular project.

During his official travel to Hungary last 10-13 September 2019, Undersecretary Jalad visited the manufacturing facility of the HWTC located in Nagykanizsa, Hungary where he was briefed about the features of the equipment that will be delivered.