OCD Organizational Structure

Functional Statements

Office of the Administrator
Administer the comprehensive National Civil Defense and Disaster Risk Reduction Management Framework consisting of four (4) thematic pillars, i.e. (1) Disaster Preparedness, (2) Disaster Prevention, (3) Quick Response, and (4) Rehabilitation and Building Forward Better.
Oversee public affairs and legal service.


Administrative and Financial Management Service

  • Human Resource Management and Development Division
    - Recruitment, selection and Placement
    - Human Resource Management and Development
  • Financial Management Division
    - Accounting
    - Budget
  • General Services Division
    - Records
    - Cash Disbursement
    - Procurement and Supply Management
    - General Administrative Services

Rehabilitation and Recovery Management Service
(Rehabilitation and Building Forward Better)

  • Post-Disaster Evaluation and Management Division
    - Conduct comprehensive damage and loss assessment
    Conduct periodic monitoring and inspection of rehabilitation programs and projects
    Engage partnership with NGOs, Pos, CSOs, and community stakeholders in the monitoring and assessment of rehabilitation programs and projects
    Formulate standards for rehabilitation development for inclusion in the DRR measures
  • DRR Fund Management Division
    - Process and evaluate proposals for funding of projects and activities under NDRRM Fund
    - Formulate policies for the NDRRM fund request
    - Validate and prepare request for financial assistance for disaster victims
    - Monitor the utilization of fund releases under the NDRRM Fund

Operations Service
(Quick Response)

  • 24/7 Operations Center
    - Conduct 24/7 operations at the NDRRMOC, which serves as the nerve center for alert and monitoring multi-agency and multi-level operational coordination response and resource mobilization and information management
    - Monitor the probable consequences of potential disasters or emergency situations
    - Coordinate with responsible agencies for the timely early warning dissemination
    - Prepare disaster situation report
  • Information and Communications Technology Division
    - Monitor the running progress of Information systems and communication-electronics resources of OCD
    - Update the OCD’s Information Systems Plan
    - Administer the communication-electronics resources
  • Logistics, Interoperability and Force Management Division
    - Formulate policies, plans and programs on the acquisition of goods and services and infrastructure projects for disaster response
    - Provide technical assistance on Infra project for disaster response
    - Formulate plans, protocols, policies on OCD’s operational activities and response initiatives
    - Prepare criteria and procedures for enlistment of accredited community disasters volunteers, National Service Reserve Corps, CSD and Private Sector
    - Prepare the manual of operations for volunteers and monitor their mobilization

Policy Development and Planning Service
(Prevention and Mitigation)

  • Plans, Programs and Project Development and Management Division
    - Formulate OCD’s Annual Plans and Programs
    - Review the National DRRM Plans
    - Review the Regional DRRM Plans
  • DRRM Development and Standards Division
    - Conduct research and special studies in support of DRRM policy development
    - Formulate preventive and mitigation policies such as Infra standard, disaster risk governance
  • Disaster Risk Governance Division
    - Represent the OCD with Institutional and International partners
    - Responsible for inter-agency disaster rehabilitation and recovery activities
    - Coordinate the formulation of Strategic Action Plan for disaster-affected areas
    - Manage Special DRRM Projects

Capacity Building and Training Service

  • Curriculum Development Division
    - Conduct training needs assessment
    - Formulate training policies and standards
    - Develop DRRM curriculum
    - Develop training plans and programs
    - Develop standard accreditation system for training partners and institutions
  • Information, Training and Advocacy Division
    - Monitor and evaluate the delivery and implementation of training programs
    - Conduct trainor’s training on NDRRM
    - Provide capacity building and training services to various stakeholders
    - Professionalize DRRM in the public and private sector

Regional Offices
- Ensure the efficient and effective planning, programming, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all regional civil defense and DRRM plans
- Conduct DRRM trainings to capacitate the LGUs, CSO, private groups, volunteers and communities within the region
- Maintain an operating facility for the operation of the Regional Disaster Risk reduction and Management Operations Center (RDRRMOC)
- Chair the RDRRMC and provide secretariat services
- Review the Local DRRM Plans to ensure Integration of the DRRM measures into the Local Comprehensive Development Plan (LCDP) and Comprehensive Land-use Plan