OCD CARAGA spearheads 15-day Medical First Responder (MFR) Course for 23 selected local responders in the region on 15-28 May 2016 at the Agusan del Sur Provincial Learning Center in Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur. These local responders are from Local DRRM Councils and Non-Government Organizations (NGO).

The course which covers 23 lessons which aims to capacitate the local responders who will become Accredited Community Disaster Volunteers in the region. It also seeks to provide the participants with exact knowledge and skills needed in rendering aid on site, to sick or injured persons. Further, it trains the participants on how to stabilize patient’s condition and transport the patient to a medical facility.

The 15-day course involves lecture presentation, interactive-lecture group discussion and exercises, individual practical exercises and examination.

“This is a 15-day very stressful course that requires medical and physical fitness clearances of participants”, Dir. Manuel Luis M. Ochotorena, OCD Caraga Regional Director and RDRRMC Chairperson stressed.

The pool of instructors includes Mr. Amado Posas, Mr. Marc Gil Calang and Mr. John Lenn Uayan of OCD Caraga as well as Mr. Roberto M. Natividad, Mr. Ringo Aratea, Ms. Mayang Buslon, Mr. Michael Hambala, Mr. Erfel Prado, Mr. Jet Delos Angeles and Mr. Razel Balondo of the different Local DRRMCs in the region.