NDRRMC Executive Director and Civil Defense Administrator Usec Alexander P Pama visitedOCD Region 2 on May 13-14, 2016. OCD 2 Regional Director Norma Talosig and staff welcomed UsecPama in Tuguegarao City Airport on May 13, 2016 before heading to OCD Region 2 located at the Regional Government Center, Tuguegarao City.

USEC Pama inspected the building where OCD Region 2 transferred recently. “Learn how to count your blessings” he reminded the employees because not all OCD Regional Offices were given a new building in their respective regional government centers.

A staff meeting was also presided by UsecPama. Director Norma Talosig presented the Cagayan Valley Regional Profile, OCD Regional Office 2 Organzational Structure, Accomplishments for January to April 2016, Scheduled Activities for May and June 2016 and other issues and concerns.

Cagayan Valley having the biggest river basin in the country experience flooding due to swelling of Cagayan River and its tributaries. UsecPamapresented an update on the decaying stage of El Niño and the possibility of La Niña. Moreover, he gave insights and comments on the accomplishments and future activities of the Region. He commended the creation of the Cagayan Valley All-Hazards Incident Management Team and the organization of Rapid Emergency Telecommunications Team of the Region. UsecPama underscored the importance of HF and VHF radios in the eastern coastal municipalities of the Region where cellular telecommunications might fail during onslaught of typhoons. He even encouraged the Region to revive the indigenous way of message relay through pigeon couriers as best practice.

On the second day stay in the Region, UsecPamawas accompanied by DirTalosig and staff and visited the miraculous Our Lady of Piat. Before leaving, he thanked everyone for their contributions to OCD and left a challenge to continue to be stewards of disaster resilience.