OCD launched its Competency Framework on 27 May 2016 at the NDRRMC Conference Room simultaneous with its Regional Offices.

The Australian Aid and Philippine Australia Human Resource Organizational Development Facility (PAHRODF) assisted OCD in its endeavour to strengthen the organization.One of the interventions undertaken with Australian Aid and PAHRODF in 2012 was the Competency Based Human Resource Job Profiling Project. Select OCD Personnelworked together to identify the competencies of the organization. Usec Pama’s efforts led to DBM’s approval of 156 newly created positions and 165 regularized positions. OCD then sought the technical assistance of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through the PAHRODF to operationalize the competency based recruitment system developed during the previous interventions.

The Competency Framework is the result of these interventions. These competencies will now be the standard for the following:

  •           Recruitment, Selection and Placement of candidates to the positions
  •           Performance Management
  •           Rewards and Recognition
  •           Learning and Development / Training Programs

During the launch, Mr. Mark Flores, PAHRODF Deputy Facility Director handed Usec Pama four copies of the Generic Competency Dictionary. In his message, he congratulated OCDon behalf of PAHRODF and expressed PAHRODF’s willingness to further assist OCD.

Usec Pama stated that with the launching of the Competency Based HR, everybody will have to go through the process for the organization to be competent, professional and be truly of service to the people. Further, he asked the OCD Personnel to continue to cooperate, because at the end of the day, it is the People that will make a difference to the organization.  

“I am confident that we have set the momentum and we have nowhere to go but up. To the Australian Aid and PAHRODF, thank you for your continued assistance to OCD.” said Usec Pama.